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Episode 236 – Too Many Picks & Is He Real Or Memorex


At the top of the show, the guys talk about reputation Vancouver B.C. has garnered over the years as a beautiful city unanimously before reading listener emails and talking about the excitement this week about Kraken hockey. Next, Scott consults Mitch on whether or not he should accept some free golf clubs before sharing their final thoughts about the Seahawks draft before the action begins later in the week. A trio of featured guests are pro football executive Randy Mueller, On Montlake writer Christian Caple and Fred Segal of Freezing Cold Takes. “Other Stuff” segment topics range from Kelenic’s continued success in 2023, the A’s possibly moving to Vegas, and upgrades coming to McDonalds.     


  • Randy Mueller | 2000 NFL Executive of the Year
  • Christian Caple | On Montlake
  • Fred Segal | Author Freezing Cold Takes: NFL: Football Media’s Most Inaccurate Predictions―and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them


0:47 | How did Vancouver B.C. establish the universally loved status from visitors? 

4:16 | The guys open the listener mailbag to hear the pulse of the critics of the show. 

24:06 | Should Hotshot take up a recent offer for a free set of golf clubs? 

29:29 | Is it possible the Seahawks could end up with too many draft picks if they end up trading down?

47:13 | GUEST: Randy Mueller takes us behind the curtain with some NFL Draft 101 from a front office executive’s standpoint. 

1:12:58 | GUEST: Christian Caple is back to chat about his new independent media outlet On Montlake before sharing some takeaways from the Spring Game.

1:35:12 | GUEST: Fred Segal joins the show to talk about his book Freezing Cold Takes: NFL: Football Media’s Most Inaccurate Predictions―and the Fascinating Stories Behind Them exposing some of the worst predictions by media heads.

1:51:18 | The show concludes with “Other Stuff” topics such as “the left fielder’s” stats, details about a potential MLB stadium in Las Vegas, and the new-and-improved McDonalds menu.

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Episode 235 – Baseball's Greatest Feat & Catching Up With Stretch


To kick things off, Mitch and Scott talk about Dave Sims insistence to announce no-hitters in broadcasts before sharing the tragic news about the passing of Seattle hockey staple and friend of Mitch Unfiltered Andy Eide. Then, the guys chat about the strong three-game series against the Rockies concluding with a Castillo gem followed by MLB’s workaround to decreased beer sales and the results of a hygiene survey that grosses Mitch out. Three guests segments with college baseball player Brady Ware, longtime friend of the show Matt “Stretch” Johnson, and renowned author Michael Bamberger. The “Other Stuff” segment includes stories such as the latest with Shawn Kemp’s gun-related charge, a peculiar stat from a minor league baseball game, and an Oregon man tossing out thousands of dollars into a busy road as part of a stunt.     


  • Brady Ware | University of Indianapolis baseball player 
  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders broadcaster
  • Michael Bamberger | Author The Ball in the Air


4:07 | Should baseball broadcasters keep their mouths shut when a pitcher is in the middle of a no-hitter. 

9:12 | Condolences to friends and family of Andy Eide as his passing leaves a permanent legacy for hockey in the Northwest. 

30:25 | The M’s capped off a sweep of the Rockies over the weekend with a near no-hitter by Luis Castillo. 

36:30 | The new MLB rules speeding up pace of play are making a dent in beer sales, so the vendors are solving the problem by extending sales later in games.

40:42 | Mitch reviews a survey about personal hygiene and the unsavory behaviors people exhibit in the bathroom. 

51:09 | GUEST: College baseball player at UIndy Brady Ware chats about his recent feat of pitching a no-hitter and hitting for the cycle in the same game.

1:09:52 | GUEST: Longtime friend of the show Matt “Stretch” Johnson is back for storytime from the radio show days and also the latest on his modern golf addiction.

1:35:21 | GUEST: Author Michael Bamberger shares the inspiration behind his new book The Ball in the Air which captures the love of the game by amateurs. 

1:59:50 | Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from the latest with Shawn Kemp’s shooting incident, a baseball team that won despite recording zero hits, and a guest request for an Oregon man. 

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Episode 234 – Seahawks Draft Wish List & Rick Fehr Masters Memories


At the top of the show the guys read listener emails before regaling the Fred Couples prank story with Fish. Next, Mitch and Scott chat about Hotshot’s overly burdensome trip to Paine Field, the M’s falling barely short of a sweep, and the excitement level heading into the NHL postseason with the Kraken locked in. A four-pack of featured guests including Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, former pro golfer Rick Fehr, and RJ Eskanos & Darren Brown for the Kraken No-Table. Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from the Mavericks under investigation for draft position shenanigans, Puff Daddy’s financial mistake from many years ago, and recent athlete arrests.     


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter   
  • Rick Fehr | Former PGA golfer 
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey  
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey 


9:18 | Mitch reads letters from listeners whom are mixed on their love of golf chatter on the podcast. 

12:11 | In light of The Masters tournament, the guys recall the infamous Fred Couples interview prank

17:20 | The Rays are red freaking hot to start the season! 

26:36 | Scott got roped into entering the Paine Field Airport lobby after dropping her off for a flight. 

37:07 | The Mariners stole defeat from the arms of victory for a series sweep against the Guardians.

43:40 | Will the guys follow the Kraken along their postseason journey? 

48:54 | GUEST: Brady Henderson returns with the draft looming to discuss position groups with greatest need following the offseason free agency moves. 

1:10:40 | GUEST: Rick Fehr is back to share his Masters experience as a player and reaction to John Rahm’s victory. 

1:30:38 | GUEST: RJ Eskanos and Darren Brown joined Mitch on Thursday in the wake of earning their first trip to the NHL postseason. 

1:53:52 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as the Mavs under scrutiny for benching stars for potential draft implications, Diddy’s cumulative royalty mistake to Sting, and criminal activity for notable sports figures.  

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Episode 233 – Seahawks Free Agent Daily Schnoz & Tax Tips With David Peters


Today’s episode begins with Hotshot explaining his Starbucks run on the way to the Levy house because he forgot his own and how much money he spends there unlike Mitch. They also chat about the comedy shows they attended on Saturday night and open the listener mailbag in the tease. Then, the guys discuss heckling at comedy shows, the changing landscape of college hoops, and the M’s opening series in segment one. A half-dozen guests on the episode beginning with the return of Danny Kelly from The Ringer, a Seahawks free-agent Daily Schnoz with Jeff Legwold, John Fennelly, Curt Popejoy, and Nick Baumgardner, and wrapping up with CPA David Peters. Topics in the “Other Stuff” segment include the latest on Seahawks vets on defense, an appearance by Mr. Playoffs for The Kraken, and the women’s NCAA championship game.    


  • Jeff Legwold | ESPN Senior Writer – Denver Broncos
  • John Fennelly | Giants Wire
  • Curt Popejoy | USA Today
  • Nick Baumgardner | The Athletic
  • Danny Kelly | The Ringer
  • David Peters | David Peters Financial Group


0:00 | How much money has Scott spent versus Mitch saved at Starbucks over the years?

28:50 | Why do people feel inclined to heckle comedians at shows and interrupt everything?

32:57 | The azaleas are in full bloom at Augusta with The Masters week upon us.

36:37 | College basketball may be entering a new era with the transfer portal jeopardizing dominance by the blue bloods.

45:09 | Mitch opened a can of worms by with M’s fans by Tweeting his long-running gag about returning above .500.

1:01:21 | GUESTS: Jeff Legwold, John Fennelly, Curt Popejoy, and Nick Baumgardner drop in for a Seahawks Free Agency Daily Schnoz segment.

1:29:40 | GUEST: Back by popular demand, Danny Kelly joins the show to project how the Seahawks will approach the draft with their copious picks.

1:54:24 | GUEST: With the tax deadline approaching, CPA David Peters checks in to provide tips to those of us stressed and procrastinating.

2:13:35 | Today’s “Other Stuff” topics range from Seahawks roster rumors to a Kraken postseason update to LSU’s upset of Iowa for a national title. 

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Episode 232 – How's Your Bracket Doing & Dual No-Tables


At the top of the show, the guys chat about the madness of this year’s tournament and if they enjoy the chaos. Next, Mitch and Hotshot discuss another deep run by Gonzaga still in pursuit of a championship and the excitement of opening day for M’s fans on Thursday night. Five featured guests on the show starting with Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle for the Mariners No-Table followed by RJ Eskanos and Darren Brown for the Kraken No-Table and Brooklyn Hicks named Mr. Basketball in Washington. As always, the episode concludes with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from the secrets of McDonalds Coca-Cola, 50 Cent’s latest lawsuit about his manhood, and the ongoing drama between Jane Fonda and JLo.    


  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider
  • Joe Doyle | Director, MLB Draft – ProspectsLive
  • RJ Eskanos | Emerald City Hockey
  • Darren Brown | Sound of Hockey
  • Brooklyn Hicks | Mr. Basketball 2023 (Timberline HS) | UNLV commit


6:36 | Is the mixed bag representing the Final Four this year a fun story or better off when blue bloods are vying for the championship?

22:51 | How much credit does Mark Few deserve for bringing the Zags to another deep run in the tourney?

29:57 | Does the buzz for 2023 Mariners baseball rival the hype in 1996 and 2002 after two of the franchise’s best seasons?

40:02 | GUEST: Jason and Joe are back for the last Mariners No-Table before Luis Castillo steps on the mound for opening day 2023.

1:12:25 | GUEST: The inaugural Kraken No-Table with RJ Eskanos and Darren Brown covers the roller-coaster ride this season as the team presses towards its first playoff appearance.

1:33:05 | GUEST: Mr. Basketball for the state of Washington Brooklyn Hicks shares the story of his high school career at Timberline High School and decision to play college hoops at UNLV.

1:50:27 | The “Other Stuff” segment features discussion about Coke at McDonalds, a legal battle involving rapper 50 Cent and his junk, and continued resentment between Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. 

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Episode 231 – Pistol Pete's Record Intact & Steve Phillips 2023 First Pitch


After two weeks apart, Mitch and Hotshot briefly catch up on their whereabouts before reading a few listener emails and playing Stump the Band. Then, the guys chat about Jim Boeheim’s departure from Syracuse basketball which led to a radio host getting canned and how John Schneider is gradually cobbling together a roster. Three featured guests are Pete Maravich’s son Jaeson Maravich, MLB analyst Steve Phillips, and former radio colleague Tracy Taylor-Turner. The show wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment with topics such as the ongoing World Baseball Classic, Stormy Daniels getting married, and the passing of several notable figures.    


  • Jaeson Maravich | Pete Maravich’s son  
  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst 
  • Tracy Taylor-Turner | Former KJR & KIRO traffic reporter   


4:56 | The guys play Stump the Band and the topic is “wasted money and productivity in the workplace”.

18:21 | Why would a Syracuse radio host be getting booted from the station seemingly out of the blue?

30:54 | The way John Schneider is putting his roster together reminds Mitch of an old Saturday Night Live skit.

42:09 | GUEST: Jaeson Maravich joins the show to talk about his father “Pistol” Pete and his NCAA scoring record still intact after nearly being broken in controversial fashion.

1:04:19 | GUEST: Baseball guru Steve Phillips is back for MLB chatter to discuss the playoff format, a Teoscar Hernandez scouting profile, and the ups and downs of a pitching staff during the season.

1:29:54 | GUEST: Tracy Taylor-Turner returns to catch up with Mitch on old stories at the radio station and the latest in her life.

1:49:12 | Today’s “Other Stuff” topics include the ongoing WBC featuring a season-ending Edwin Diaz injury, the latest Stormy Daniels news, and several RIP tributes. 

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Episode 230 – Seahawks Pre-Draft Update & Baseball's Major League Changes


To kick off the show, Dave Grosby and Mitch express their excitement for the upcoming two months of sports before a trip down memory lane from Groz’s early broadcasting days and memorable KJR moments. Next, the fellas discuss the Geno Smith contract, Jarred Kelenic’s Spring Training success, and NCAA tournament favorites. A trio of guests are ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, MLB Senior writer with The Athletic Jayson Stark, and Nashville resident Kevin Maginnis. As always, the episode concludes with the “Other Stuff” segment which covers college hoops memories with Dad, uncertainty for a handful of noteworthy QBs, and the Shawn Kemp’s story involving gunfire.    


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter  
  • Jayson Stark | Senior Writer, MLB – The Athletic
  • Kevin Maginnis | Nashville-based business coach   


5:21 | We are entering perhaps the best six weeks on the annual sports calendar.

8:38 | The Groz recollects how he got his start calling college hoops games as a teenager.

13:30 | Superbowls always seemed to bring some memorable stories for the KJR personalities.

27:00 | How will the Geno Smith contract affect the Seahawks draft strategy?

34:50 | Will Jarred Kelenic carry his success in Peoria to the regular season?

40:25 | Mitch makes his official pick to cut down the nets at the conclusion of March Madness.

49:29 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard to provide a Seahawks update with the Geno Smith contact complete and movement at the top of the draft board.

1:16:48 | GUEST: Jayson Stark returns to provide his opinion on the new MLB rules and the prospects of Julio Rodriguez becoming the face of Major League Baseball.

1:37:30 | GUEST: Nashville native Kevin Maginnis joins the show to share the details about his unorthodox diet of exclusively eating McDonalds for 100 days.

2:03:24 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as Mitch’s and Dave’s NCAA tournament memories with their fathers, question marks for several notable NFL quarterbacks, and the alleged Shawn Kemp shooting incident. 

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Episode 229 – M's No-Table: Spring Training Edition & Playing Catch With Strangers


At the start of the show, Scott explains a run-in with a listener of the show over the weekend watching youth sports before Mitch discusses the sports story that has captured his attention. 
Then, the guys chat about Mitch’s visit to the T-Dome to watch state championship hoops, the increasingly curious Hawks QB dance, and Jalen Carter’s draft prospects. A four-pack of featured guests are M’s insiders Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle, Washougal resident Joe Scukanec, and Evan Drellich of The Athletic. The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics such as Ja Morant’s disciplinary issues, possible new NFL rules, and a handful of notable RIP mentions.   


  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider
  • Joe Doyle | Director, MLB Draft – ProspectsLive
  • John Scukanec | Former WSU lineman & Washougal resident
  • Evan Drellich | Author “Winning Fixes Everything: How Baseball’s Brightest Minds Created Sports’ Biggest Mess”   


3:55 | The college basketball gods are bending over backwards to make sure Antoine Davis breaks Pete Maravich’s NCAA scoring record.  

27:41 | Mitch took a trip to the Tacoma Dome on Saturday to watch the high school hoops state finals.   

29:42 | John Schneider and Geno Smith are silently playing a game of cat and mouse as the Seahawks quarterback position still hangs in the balance.  

43:37 | How much will Jalen Carter’s off-the-field issues impact his draft status?

49:06 | GUEST: Jason Churchill and Joe Doyle gather for the first M’s No-Table of the season to cover the offseason changes and the first blush impressions in Spring Training!

1:19:55 | GUEST: Washougal resident John Scukanec shares his story of playing catch every day for a full year.

1:47:17 | GUEST: Evan Drellich is back to provide a brief overview of his latest book “Winning Fixes Everything: How Baseball’s Brightest Minds Created Sports’ Biggest Mess”.  

2:15:20 | “Other Stuff” topics on today’s show range from Ja Morant’s off-the-court troubles, new NFL rule proposals, and noteworthy RIP tributes.  

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Episode 228 – Conquering Cancer & Joel Dahmen Clubhouse Chat


After a week apart, Hotshot and Mitch reunite and begin the episode with listener emails with a more optimistic spin thanks to the urging of Larry. Next, the fellas discuss the latest twist in the Russell Wilson saga and how there are rumors he tried to get Peter Carroll and John Schneider fired. A trio of guests are incoming Eastern Washington linebacker Brandon Thomas, PGA Tour golfer Joel Dahmen, and The Salt Lake Tribune beat writer Eric Walden. The episode concludes with the “Other Stuff” segment with topics ranging from the free agency of Bobby Wagner, to Jarred Kelenic’s eye-turning performance on Sunday, to a new Lady Gaga lawsuit from a previous crime, to Quin Snyder back to head coaching with the Hawks!   


  • Brandon Thomas | Eastern Washington football recruit
  • Eric Walden | The Salt Lake Tribune Jazz beat writer 
  • Joel Dahmen | PGA golfer  


3:30 | How was the Soden family trip to Arizona?  

4:35 | Mitch shakes things up per Larry’s request and reads some positive listener emails.   

20:28 | Youth softball games get heated down in California and Hotshot couldn’t resist getting involved.  

25:20 | What do you make of Russell Wilson’s alleged attempt to oust Carroll and Schneider?

38:56 | GUEST: Eastern Washington football commit Brandon Thomas shares his story of overcoming cancer in high school resulting in the amputation of a leg.

1:05:53 | GUEST: Joel Dahmen returns to the show as a star of the new Netflix show Full Swing and a father!  

1:33:14 | GUEST: Jazz beat writer for The Salt Lake Tribune Eric Walden describes Karl Malone’s controversial past and the tense press conference at All Star weekend.  

1:57:34 | The “Other Stuff” segment topics include Kelenic’s dingers, pleas for Bobby Wagner to return to Seattle, reaction to Rihanna’s halftime show, new developments with the Lady Gaga dogwalking shooting, and Quin Snyder’s new NBA gig.  

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Episode 227 – Chiefs Kingdom In Philly & Charity Watchdog Deep Dive


With Slick filling in for Hotshot, the episode kicks off with some Stump the Band, Tiger talk, and reaction to the email featured in Episode 226. Then, the guys chat about the dubious DK Metcalf jump video, the lesser-known backstory of Karl Malone, and Tiger’s chances to win another major. Three featured guests are owner of Big Charlie’s Saloon in Philadelphia Paul Staico, CharityWatch executive director Laurie Styron, and pro football executive Randy Mueller. Topics in the “Other Stuff” segment range from Mitch’s new favorite basketball player to Calvin Ridley’s suspension by the NFL to the public announcement of a multi-billion lottery winner!   


  • Paul Staico | Big Charlie’s Saloon owner 
  • Laurie Styron | CharityWatch Executive Director  
  • Randy Mueller | 2000 NFL Executive of the Year  


1:22 | Like the old radio days, Slick and Mitch play some Stump the Band.  

22:30 | Do you believe the viral DK Metcalf jump video after seeing him dunk in the celebrity NBA game?   

25:41 | The NBA made a major mistake by featuring Karl Malone front and center during all-star weekend.  

35:31 | Is there a chance Tiger Woods can win another major before calling it a career?

49:18 | GUEST: Paul Staico jumps aboard to share the history of his family-owned Chiefs bar in Philly in the wake of the Super Bowl with the local Eagles.

1:05:54 | GUEST: CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Stryon joins the show to weigh in on common pitfalls for charitable organizations such as Russell Wilson’s foundation currently under investigation.  

1:31:44 | GUEST: For the final time this season, Randy Mueller joins the show to wrap up the NFL season and provide an opinion on the Seahawks’ realistic options for quarterback moving forward.  

1:57:47 | The guys chat about Iowa sharpshooter Caitlin Clark, the one-year suspension to Calvin Ridley for gambling, and a Powerball winner story during today’s “Other Shit” segment.