Episode 74 – Seahawks Ousted From Championship Chase, Dawgs Digging Themselves a Hole, & the Straight Skinny on Intermittent Fasting


Well, that’s a wrap. The Seahawks season has come to an end and the guys begin today’s show by putting a bow on a memorable 2019-2020 campaign. Today’s guests include Brady Henderson in Green Bay to share his perspective on the Hawks/Packers game, former sports agent Joel Corry to weigh in on Jadeveon Clowney’s impending contract implications, familiar friend Jason D. Hamilton to chat about the struggling Huskies who lost their point guard and a pair of conference games this week, and Dr. Monique Tello to discuss intermittent fasting and the associated health benefits with this dietary approach. Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features topics ranging from the college football championship game on Monday night, Husky basketball, and listener response from Mitch’s interview with Mark Hilinski.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joel Corry | Former NFL agent
  • Jason Hamilton | UW basketball analyst
  • Dr. Monique Aurora Tello | Primary care physician


11:44 | Hotshot has an interesting tie to a potential candidate for the naming of Episode 74!

14:03 | Mitch and Scott run down their laundry list of takeaways from the Hawks game for the final time this season.

42:40 | GUEST: Brady Henderson provides his account of Sunday’s playoff loss in Green Bay, summarizes the season, and looks ahead to next year.

1:05:25 | GUEST: Joel Corry jumps aboard to project potential scenarios for Jadaveon Clowney with his current contract expired and free agency ahead for the pass rusher.

1:23:33 | GUEST: Jason Hamilton discusses the tough week for Husky hoops featuring a pair of road losses and the suspension of guard Quade Green.

1:40:59 | GUEST: Dr. Monique Tello shares information about intermittent fasting and the ways it can promote weight loss and better overall health.

1:55:38 | Who ya got in the national championship game between LSU and Clemson?

1:58:07 | Ryan Tannehill and the Titans are moving on to the AFC championship game against all odds!

1:59:08 | Julian Edelman’s offseason is not off to a good start…

2:00:02 | Mitch is sick about what has happened to the Husky basketball program in the past few weeks.

2:05:29 | Saints receiver Michael Thomas and a reporter got into a heated Twitter exchange that has escalated to the point of violent threats.

2:08:49 | Richard Sherman got on his soap box again to silence his perceived doubters after winning on Saturday.

2:17:10 | Mitch reads feedback submitted by listeners of the podcast following the Mark Hilinski interview in Episode 73.

Episode 73 – DK Delivers Knockout in Wildcard Win, Mark Hilinski Turns Tragedy to Change, & Huskies Split with LA Schools


Hawks win, Hawks win! Today’s episode begins with initial reaction to Seattle’s wildcard victory over a battered Eagles team and a look-ahead to Green Bay next Sunday. Today’s guests include Brady Henderson live from Philadelphia, Mark Hilinski to discuss mental health awareness and his foundation to honor his late son Tyler, and Jeff Goodman for a college hoops check-in including a thought on the shaky Huskies. Other topics include David Stern’s recent death, a recap of the other wildcard games, and nominations for Athlete of the Week!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Mark Hilinski | Father of Tyler Hilinski
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


1:52 | The guys are in a good mood…any guesses why?

15:48 | Happy New Year! The guys recap their adventures to kick off 2020.

17:55 | Nominees for episode naming honors of notable 73s are listed.

19:25 | Mitch and Scott provide their main takeaways from Sunday’s postseason victory for the Hawks.

49:38 | The guys look ahead to Seattle’s next opponent in the Green Bay Packers and how the path to the Super Bowl is shaping up.

1:02:04 | GUEST: Brady Henderson weighs in on the Seahawks 17-9 playoff win over Philadelphia to set up a divisional round matchup against the Packers.

1:22:36 | GUEST: Mark Hilinski shares his family’s mission to raise awareness about mental health following the death of his son Tyler who took his own life while attending WSU.

1:49:41 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman swings by for a college basketball catch-up as conference play is underway and the Huskies have jumped out to a slow start.

2:05:05 | Wildcard weekend is in the books with a four-pack of exciting finishes.

2:13:11 | The upcoming NFC playoff game between the Vikings and 49ers reminds Mitch of a memorable performance between these two teams many years ago.

2:16:27 | Is something wrong with Mike Zimmer’s eyes?

2:17:24 | The guys share a thought about the recent passings of David Stern and Sam Wyche.

2:22:20 | Isaiah Thomas was fined $25K for contact with an official which is his second punishment by the league this season.

2:23:27 | “Athlete of the Week” honors are shared by two worthy recipients!

Episode 72 – Seahawks Storybook Finish Falls Inches Short, Tigers Set to Clash in New Orleans for Natty, & Wildcard Weekend On Tap


Today’s show begins with avoiding the elephant in the room which is the disappointing regular season finale on Sunday night. The guys then dive into their laundry list of pivotal moments in the game which resulted in an NFC West title for the Niners. Guests include Brady Henderson to weigh in on Seattle/San Fran, Rick Neuheisel to chat about the CFP semifinal results and a preview to the championship game, & Michael DeCourcy from Sporting News to preview the NFL postseason with Wildcard Weekend on tap next weekend. The “other stuff” segment includes chatter about Lamar Jackson’s Twitter hate after a nice gesture, Antonio Brown’s latest ploy to suit up, and a wrap up of not only the year, but the decade.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Michael DeCourcy | Sporting News senior writer


1:45 | What is the word to describe what happened at CenturyLink Field on Sunday night?

11:28 | There are some quality 72s in sports history, but none that eclipse Mitch’s ultimate choice for episode naming rights!

15:10 | The guys discuss their main takeaways from Sunday night’s bout between Seattle and San Francisco which led to a divisional crown for the 49ers.

42:00 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard to provide his initial reaction from the disappointing season finale at CenturyLink Field as the Hawks get set for Wildcard weekend in Philly.

1:00:53 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel swings by as the college football season comes down to one final game between LSU and Clemson!

1:21:36 | GUEST: Michael DeCourcy previews the NFL postseason matchups beginning with the wildcard slate next weekend.

1:39:35 | The tables turned as The Beast fed us with a free Taco Time taco thanks to his diving effort, although there should have a been a second taco…

1:44:27 | Are you looking forward to checking out the new Michael Jordan documentary?

1:46:22 | Lamar Jackson is taking heat for buying his entire offensive line Rolex watches for keeping him upright this season.

1:48:24 | Mitch and Hotshot chat about the early NFL games on Sunday and the playoff matchups that lie ahead.

1:54:36 | The infamous Peloton advertisement that caused a stir replicated itself in real life with the actors!

1:56:59 | Antonio Brown is back in the news as the mercurial wideout has recently been linked to working out with the Saints.

2:04:00 | Who were voted as the male and female athletes of the decade?

2:09:04 | The final “Athlete of the Week” this year is crowned.

2:10:05 | Mitch extends his best wishes to a happy and healthy new year!

Episode 71 – Pesky Cards Thump Hawks, Fred Couples Back from Down Under, & Movie Mogul Max on Rise of Skywalker


Today’s show begins with a feeling of defeat and confusion as the Hawks lost a boat load of players in addition to Sunday’s game on the ledger. The guys break down the disappointing loss and its implications to Seattle’s postseason hopes. Guests today include Brady Henderson, Fred Couples, Rick Neuheisel, & Movie Mogul Max to deliver another award-winning film review, this time for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The “Other Stuff” segment features chatter about the Las Vegas Bowl, reaction to Eddie Murphy’s Saturday Night Live appearance – was it everything it was cracked up to be? Finally, Mitch dishes out his “Athlete of the Week” award and it’s hard to argue he really hits the bullseye on this one!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Fred Couples | PGA golfer
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Movie Mogul Max | Professional film critic & Mitch’s son


0:24 | The “12s” want who to tote the rock with Carson and Prosise likely done for the season?

1:45 | Can the Hawks rebound after the loss to the Cards and take down San Fran in the regular season finale next Sunday night?

19:09 | Mitch and Hotshot pick up the pieces after the Seahawks fell to Arizona and the postseason implications as a result.

37:18 | GUEST: Brady Henderson recaps Sunday’s divisional loss to Arizona and the path forward heading into the regular season finale.

58:04 | GUEST: Fred Couples jumps back on the podcast to catch up on the thrilling Presidents Cup win for the Americans and a dose of random story-telling.

1:16:55 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel preview the college football playoff matchups and shares a thought on the future of Washington football with the Petersen era in the books.

1:40:43 | GUEST: Movie Mogul Max is back to share his expert cinematic opinions on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

2:02:03 | The guys chat about the blowout win in the Vegas Bowl for the Huskies marking the end of Coach Pete at the helm.

2:03:14 | Fair or foul for NFL prospects to skip non New Year’s Six bowl games?

2:13:57 | Alleged naked pics of Steph Curry are swirling about social media, but there is reason to believe this may be a hoax.

2:15:53 | Eddie Murphy’s return to SNL was decades in the making…was it worth the wait?

2:20:38 | Mitch nominates his “Athlete of the Week”, you’ll never guess the sport!

Episode 70 – Road Warrior Hawks Atop NFC…For Now, Scott Boras Stokes MLB Hot Stove, & Richard Jewell Behind the Scenes


Today’s show begins with a realization that the Seahawks are the number one seed in the NFC pending Monday Night’s Saints game! Then, the guys dig into their observations from the Hawks 30-24 win over Carolina. Mr. Postseason even drops in for a quick update on the NFL playoff scenarios for Seattle with two games to go. Guests include Brady Henderson live from Charlotte, MLB analyst Steve Phillips, Washington Post columnist Paul Farhi on the new film “Richard Jewell” and former PGA golfer Ken Green. The guys continue with their laundry list which includes chatter about a new agreement between the MLB and players’ union, the latest NFL controversies, and wrapping up with special episode naming honors. 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Steve Phillips | Baseball analyst & former Mets GM
  • Paul Farhi | Washington Post reporter
  • Ken Green | Former PGA golfer


7:03 | At the time of this recording, the number one seed in the NFC belongs to your Seattle Seahawks!

22:24 | The guys recount their list of highs and lows from the Seahawks win in Charlotte.

43:22 | Mr. Postseason makes a special visit for a brief update of where Seattle stands in the playoff picture with two weeks remaining.

1:04:48 | GUEST: Brady Henderson joins Mitch from Carolina in the wake of Sunday’s 30-24 final between the Hawks and Panthers.

1:21:12 | GUEST: Steve Phillips jumps aboard for some MLB hot stove chatter as Scott Boras is wheelin’ and dealin’ big bucks for his clients!

1:40:27 | GUEST: Paul Farhi of the Washington Post swings by to discuss the new film Richard Jewell about the 1996 Olympics bombing incident.

1:55:55 | GUEST: Ken Green rejoins the podcast to weigh in on the victory for the United States in the Presidents Cup led by team captain Tiger Woods.

2:14:30 | MLB is removing marijuana from its “drug of abuse” list as the league’s focus shifts to opioids and more dangerous substances. 

2:16:34 | Joe Burrow won the Heisman trophy on Saturday night and had the audience in tears.

2:17:45 | A week in the NFL cannot pass without controversy as a coin toss ran amok in Dallas and the Pats are guilty as charged for Spygate Part Two.

2:24:31 | Mitch grants episode naming rights to a special football team on the anniversary of a tragic event.

Episode 69 – Niners Regain Divisional Control, "The Weasel" Continues to Torment Huskies, and CFP Finalists Hand-Delivered to Committee


The guys begin the show with reaction to the double whammy of the Seahawks falling to LA and San Fran winning in New Orleans. Heck, even Mr. Postseason drops by for a few minutes for a quick snapshot! Guests today include Rick Neuheisel to weigh in on the conference championships and CFP bowls. Then, Jason Hamilton jumps about to share his in-person account of the UW/Gonzaga showdown at Hec Ed. Jeff Goodman also stops by for a national college hoops update. Finally, the guys wrap-up with a thought on bowl-game naming, rear-end sun-bathing, and results around the NFL!


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Jason D. Hamilton | UW basketball commentator
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


4:36 | Was Sunday’s loss to the Rams a “get this out of your system” type game after their midseason string of success?

17:12 | The guys continue with their takeaways from the Sunday night affair between the Seahawks and Rams.

41:44 | Even though Mr. Postseason will give his official update in Episode 69-P, he provides a quick snapshot to give you a taste of where things stand.

59:49 | GUEST: Coach Neuheisel breaks down conference championship weekend and previews the Peach and Fiesta Bowls. 

1:17:22 | GUEST: Jason Hamilton provides his initial thoughts on the UW/Gonzaga game in Seattle on Sunday night which resulted in another win for Few and Crew.

1:33:11 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman discusses the top teams across college basketball as conference play approaches.

1:47:47 | The “Other Stuff” segment includes a thought on bowl games, a look around the NFL, and an unusual new trend in sun-tanning.

Episode 68 – New Leader Out West, Coach Pete Calls it Quits, & Movie Mogul Max is Back


The guys rush home from Daniel’s downtown to recap the pivotal Monday Night Football win against the Vikings. They chat about the highs and lows from the game as Seattle moves into first place in the NFC West. Today’s guests include Rick Neuheisel to weigh in on Chris Petersen’s resignation from Washington and the latest college football playoff contenders heading into conference championship weekend. Movie Mogul Max jumps aboard to break down the top holiday flicks. Darren Urban from ArizonaCardinals.com also joins the show to discuss Josh Shaw’s suspension by the NFL for betting on games…against his own team! Finally, the guys close out with a thought on Coach Pete’s departure, Mike Leach, a very unusual occurrence for Mitch’s Dolphins on Sunday…and no, it wasn’t the fact that they won the game!


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Movie Mogul Max | Mitch’s son Max – esteemed film critic
  • Darren Urban | ArizonaCardinals.com


0:00 | Thanks to you, the loyal Mitch Unfiltered listeners for another rowdy night of delicious food, drinks, and a Seahawks win at Daniel’s Broiler!

20:53 | The guys recap their Thanksgiving weekend, specifically the foods they did and did not eat.

27:28 | Mitch and Scott react to another thrilling primetime victory for the Hawks placing them atop the NFC West.

51:40 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel weighs in on Coach Pete’s resignation from UW and the latest college football playoff contenders.

1:32:40 | GUEST: Movie Mogul Max returns to share his expert film reviews for the holiday blockbusters.

1:49:16 | GUEST: Darren Urban discusses the suspension of Cardinals DB Josh Shaw by the NFL for betting on games he was playing in.

1:59:17 | Mitch and Scott discuss their reactions when they heard the news of Coach Pete leaving the Huskies.

Episode 67 – Breathing Down Niners Neck, College Hoops Heats Up as Football Winds Down, & Boeing's Mission to Bring the MAX Back


Mitch and Scott begin the show recapping their weekend and the weekend in the world of sports. They chat about Seattle’s statement victory against the Eagles. Guests include weekly appearances by Brady Henderson and Rick Neuheisel for their Seahawks recap and college football weekend wrap-up respectively. Jeff Goodman also drops in for a national college hoops update and aviation writer Dan Catchpole discusses the latest with the Boeing 737 MAX. Later, in the “Other Stuff” segment, the guys close out with thoughts on NBA flopping, Vita Vea’s “big” record, Chase Young’s dominance, and more!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst
  • Dan Catchpole | Fortune aerospace writer


14:16 | The guys hash out the highs and lows from Sunday’s road win for Seattle against the Eagles.

36:16 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the 17-9 Seahawks win in Philly 

51:24 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel recaps the weekend of college football including another head-scratching loss for the Huskies

1:11:11 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman provides an update on the college basketball season as non-conference play rolls on.

1:23:29 | GUEST: Dan Catchpole discusses the tragic events that led to the grounding of Boeing’s fleet of 737 MAX aircraft and the projected timeline of re-entry to service.

1:41:53 | UW alum Vita Vea became the heaviest NFL player to score a receiving touchdown at a whopping 347 pounds!

1:42:39 | Scott was in Burbank yet again over the weekend and swung by The Magic Castle.

1:44:09 | Browns fans show their stripes by bashing a Mason Rudolph piñata at the tailgate.

1:46:31 | Bothell HS alum Zach LaVine dropped 49 points including an NBA record-tying 13 buckets from beyond the arc on Saturday night!

1:48:21 | Wisconsin senior Zach Hintze just put all the struggling NFL kickers on watch after banging a 62-yarder through the uprights.

1:52:06 | Patrick Beverly’s latest antics on the court resulted in a five thousand dollar fine for flopping.

1:56:29 | Ohio State defensive end Chase Young has been a one-man wrecking crew this season.


Episode 66 – Fred Couples Makes Unfiltered Debut, Richard Johnson Battles the NCAA , & Aftermath of Garrett's Helmet Slam


Mitch begins the show by reflection on year one of the podcast in the books. Then, the guys chat about the current subscription-based media environment. With the Seahawks idle, did their playoff stance improve or decline? Guests include golfer Fred Couples, Rick Neuheisel, college athlete lawyer in the James Wiseman case Richard Johnson, and author of “When it Mattered Most” Kevin Ticen. The “other stuff” segment covers topics ranging from the Garrett/Rudolph incident, Kaepernick workout, cheating Astros, and most importantly…ranch on Taco Time tacos!


  • Fred Couples | PGA golfer
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports Analyst
  • Richard Johnson | College athlete rights lawyer
  • Kevin Ticen | Author of “When it Mattered Most”


0:00 | Mitch Unfiltered has reached a notable milestone with the release of Episode 66, what could it be?

6:44 | Everything seems to come with a fee these days…including watching Husky hoops.

13:48 | The Seahawks were supposed to be leading the NFC West until the Cardinals decided to screw everything up!

26:24 | No free tacos at Taco Time this Tuesday due to the bye week, but that won’t stop Mitch from swinging by…and don’t forget the ranch sauce!

34:23 | Mitch & Scott share their thoughts on the helmet bash by Myles Garrett that swept the sports nation over the past few days.

47:41 | Colin Kaepernick participated in a private workout in front of NFL scouts on Saturday, but does he really want to get back in the league?

51:48 | How did Sunday’s results shake up the NFC playoff picture as it pertains to the Hawks?

1:00:10 | GUEST: Fred Couples swings by to catch up on his golf career in his first appearance on the podcast.

1:20:23 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel reviews the weekend in college football including losses by two previous undefeated teams and a season-ending injury to Tua.

1:44:07 | GUEST: Attorney Richard Johnson breaks down the details of James Wiseman’s suspension by the NCAA and how he is working to get his client back on the court.

2:08:13 | GUEST: Kevin Ticen joins the podcast to talk about his book “When it Mattered Most” which chronicles the Seattle Metropolitans as the city prepares for a return of the NHL. 

2:26:17 | Hotshot was at McChord AFB this weekend to showcase his tremendous talent for a hoops tourney.

2:29:29 | Does Alabama stand a chance with Tua done for the season?

2:32:36 | Which side of the fence are you on regarding the Monmouth guard stealing the ball for a late bucket in their blowout loss by Kansas?

2:36:14 | The list of the 100 greatest NFL teams was released and there are a few that made the cut which captures Mitch’s attention.

2:41:03 | Mitch isn’t a big James Harden fan, and his 41-shot night didn’t improve his opinion either.

2:43:39 | More details about the Houston Astros sign stealing during the 2017 World Series have surfaced which piles on to the already shady story.  

Episode 65 – Huskies Grab Clutch Victory in Alaska, Sounders Capture the Cup Before Record Crowd, and Bama & Penn State Suffer First Blemish


The guys begin today’s show with a salute to the hometown Seattle Sounders who are MLS Cup champions! Then, they share their first impressions of the Huskies after beating Baylor on Friday night, weigh in on two indictments against college athletes who accepted funds against NCAA policy, and recap the marquee college football games over the weekend including the implications from the results. Today’s guests include the long-lost Jason D. Hamilton, former SI writer Ben Baskin, Rick Neuheisel, Forbes writer Tom Taulli, and Tom Bogert of MLSsoccer.com. Later, the guys chat about the Sunday slate of NFL matchups with the Hawks idle. They close out with a laugh at Jeremy Roenick’s golf story with Michael Jordan and Dion Waiters’ recent flight that leaves him high and dry for the next 10 Heat games.


  • Jason Hamilton | UW basketball broadcast analyst
  • Ben Baskin | Former Sports Illustrated writer
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS college football analyst
  • Tom Taulli | Forbes columnist
  • Tom Bogert | MLSsoccer.com writer


0:19 | Mitch and Scott may not be the biggest soccer fans, but they begin the show with an ode to the MLS Cup champs in Seattle Sounders FC!

25:05 | The nominees of notable 65s for episode naming rights is revealed.

27:43 | UW pulled out an impressive win against ranked Baylor to begin their season which has Husky fans buzzing!

33:55 | The NCAA is knee-deep in two new petty investigations of two high-profile college athletes accepting funds which is growing increasingly tiresome. 

43:30 | Alabama and Penn State both lost over the weekend, how far will the playoff committee push these two storied programs down the rankings?

55:12 | GUEST: Jason D. Hamilton makes a long-awaited return to the podcast in the wake of a head-turning win to begin the UW’s season.

1:19:54 | GUEST: Ben Baskin shares the lesser-known story of new Seahawk Josh Gordon whose off-the-field issues have plagued his promising career. 

1:44:28 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel recaps a memorable weekend of college football featuring stunning victories by LSU and Minnesota over Alabama and Penn State respectively.

2:13:37 | Tom Taulli discusses Google’s recent acquisition of Fitbit for the rock-bottom price of $2.1 billion!

2:28:47 | Tom Bogert paints the picture at CenturyLink Field on Sunday which featured a record crowd witnessing an MLS Cup Championship victory for the Seattle Sounders FC.

2:49:05 | As the Seahawks and 49ers await Monday night, there was a full lineup of exciting NFL action with playoff implications.

2:55:28 | Former NHL star Jeremy Roenick shared a story about Michael Jordan on a radio show that is similar to an experience by one of Mitch’s acquaintances.  

3:01:43 | Stephen A. Smith just inked the most lucrative contract for a sportscaster which has many people scratching their heads.

3:05:59 | Dion Waiters created a new twist to the term mile-“high” club which resulted in a 10-game suspension.