Episode 62 – Lamar's Legs Dice Seahawks Defense, Ducks Spoil Husky Homecoming, & Franchise Hopes Rests on Knees of Young Stars


Today’s episode begins with a story about an Apple “Air Drop” fail that left over one hundred travelers stranded. This leads to a discussion about sifting through listener critiques. Then, the guys share their takeaways from the Seahawks 30-16 loss to the Ravens and the Huskies defeat from rival Oregon. Brady Henderson and Michael Bumpus join Mitch for a Seahawks roundtable discussion. Also, Rick Neuheisel of CBS Sports, Huskies play-by-play broadcaster Tony Castricone and Todd Leabo of Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City are featured guests. Later, Mitch and Hotshot volley topics including Zion Williamson, Athlete of the Week honors, and another example of Mitch’s superior rap skills!


  • Brady Henderson/Michael Bumpus | ESPN Seahawks insider/Football analyst
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Tony Castricone | UW play-by-play broadcaster
  • Todd Leabo | Sports Radio 810 WHB – Kansas City


5:46 | The guys clear out the Mitch Unfiltered mailbag by addressing recent emails, tweets, Air Drops, and more!

20:22 | The lackluster list of 62s in sports history is revealed and Mitch teases his choice for episode naming rights

21:59 | Mitch and Hotshot provide their thoughts on the Seahawks loss to Baltimore on Sunday.

37:37 | The guys rewind to Saturday’s rivalry matchup between Washington and Oregon which the Dawgs let slip through their hands down the stretch.

52:40 | Brady Henderson and Michael Bumpus join Mitch for a Seahawks roundtable to break down the 30-16 victory for the Ravens in Seattle on Sunday afternoon. 

1:14:49 | Rick Neuheisel picks up the pieces from a disappointing result at Montlake as the Huskies fall to Oregon and also recaps other college football action over the weekend.

1:44:10 | Tony Castricone shares his perspective from the booth on Saturday as the Dawgs lost to Oregon 35-31 courtesy of a late Ducks touchdown.

2:03:15 | Todd Leabo presents the latest prognosis for Patrick Mahomes’ knee injury and if the Chiefs can tread water in his absence.

2:21:19 | Will Zion Williamson’s knees hold up as his NBA debut is up in the air given his latest injury?

2:26:08 | Mitch hands out his Athlete of the Week award to an inspirational young man from The University of Minnesota.

2:28:54 | Aaron Rodgers joined an exclusive club in NFL history following his five touchdown performance against the Raiders on Sunday.

2:31:07 | A loyal Mitch Unfiltered listener shared his latest tradition of celebrating Taco Time Tuesday.

2:46:16 | Mitch throws down a few verses from his favorite rapper Gucci Mane who lost a six-figure bet to Drake during last season’s NBA playoffs.

Episode 61 – Seahawks Produce More Turnovers Than a Pastry Shop, Husky Offense Answers Wake-Up Call, and Social Change Through Sport in Iran


Scott returns in the nick of time for Episode 61 after another weekend in Burbank, but this this time for a special occasion. The guys briefly touch on the Huskies who get set for a date with the Ducks next Saturday. Then, they launch into a detailed recap of the Seahawks win in Cleveland vaulting them to 5-1 with the Ravens on tap. Guests include Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, Todd Dewey from Las Vegas Journal Review on an interesting sports gambling story in Houston, and Tariq Panja to discuss a World Cup game in Iran which broke down a longstanding social barrier for progressive change. The guys close the show by volleying topics including the red-hot Nats, Jags vs. Jalen, a rule change in the NFL that has gone awry, and Mitch’s Athlete of the Week! 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Todd Dewey | Las Vegas Journal Review
  • Tariq Panja | The New York Times


3:18 | Hotshot was back in Burbank over the weekend not just for work, but also to see one of his idols in person!

22:39 | The slim pickins in the 60s continue as Episode 61 presents a shabby list of notable show-naming candidates.

23:24 | Dawgs vs. Ducks next Saturday unfortunately won’t live up to the preseason hype even with a second-half turnaround in Tucson to get UW back in the win column. 

25:36 | Mitch & Scott weigh in on the highs and lows of the gutsy 32-28 victory for the now 5-1 Seahawks with Jarran Reed returning.

1:00:04 | Brady Henderson joins the show live from Cleveland following Seattle’s win over the Browns for postgame commentary.

1:19:57 | Rick Neuheisel stops by following an another exciting weekend of college football. Which teams are poised to make a run to the playoff and can the Huskies finish the season on a high note?

1:40:49 | Todd Dewey of Las Vegas Journal Review discusses the latest high-stakes wager by Houston-based furniture store owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale on his hometown Astros.

1:55:01 | Tariq Panja provides an account of the World Cup qualifier in Tehran last week which broke a 40-year barrier of entry for Iranian women to see their national team play a live game on their native soil. 

2:13:44 | The Nationals are marching toward the National League pennant which would give the M’s a lonely distinction.

2:15:20 | Will the Jags figure out what they’re going to do with Jalen Ramsey or will he keep sitting out games for new “injuries” every week?

2:16:11 | The NFL needs to admit they made a mistake with the pass interference challenge rule and get rid of it.

2:17:25 | Lamar Jackson demonstrated his good-natured personality by making sure the photographer he mowed over on the sidelines was okay after the game.

2:18:28 | Mitch nominates his Athlete of the Week – make sure to check out the video on the Mitch Unfiltered Facebook page!

2:25:50 | The ‘LPhins (no “D”, no “O”) are successfully tanking for Tua by losing to the Redskins on Sunday.

Episode 60 – Savoring Seahawks Thursday Night Thriller, Huskies Hit Petersen-Era Low Point, and Dallas Police Officer Guilty of Murder


The show begins with an unexpected encounter Mitch recently experienced which he hadn’t before. Then, the guys place Saturday night’s loss to Stanford in perspective in terms of Petersen’s career at UW. Also, Mitch and Scott continue the conversation of the Seahawks dramatic victory on Thursday. Guests include Rick Neuheisel, Brady Henderson, ESPN writer Dan Murphy, and Dallas Morning News reporter LaVendrick Smith. Other topics include Percy Harvin’s locker room confession, the optics of postgame pleasantries between NFL players, and Penny Hardaway’s bold prediction. Finally, the Episode is dedicated to a special family and makes a call to action against a horrific disease. 


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Dan Murphy | ESPN writer
  • LaVendrick Smith | Dallas Morning News reporter


2:22 | Mitch had a first-time experience while at the batting cages with his son last week.

19:43 | The podcast has reached Episode 60 and the list of naming rights candidates will be rather slim for awhile as the guys sift through NFL lineman of yesteryear.

22:58 | Chris Petersen’s Huskies were outplayed by Stanford in all phases of the game during Saturday’s disaster on The Farm.

29:40 | Did you bask in the glory of the Hawks win on Thursday night while watching the rest of the league slug it out on Sunday? 

41:10 | Percy Harvin comes clean about rumors during his days in Seattle.

45:25 | Would the acquisition of Jalen Ramsey transform the Seahawks from a postseason threat to a championship contender?

52:29 | Rick Neuheisel reviews last week’s slate of college football action including UW’s embarrassing loss to the Cardinal.

1:12:10 | Brady Henderson joins Mitch to relive the magic at CenturyLink Field on Thursday night featuring another MVP caliber performance by Russ and an unlikely missed kick to seal the deal. 

1:33:41 | Dan Murphy checks in to chat about the Fair Pay to Play initiative which would allow student athletes to receive payment for name, image, and likeness and receive compensation for participation in sports.

1:51:37 | LaVendrick Smith provides the details of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s murder trial which resulted in the death of neighbor Botham Jean.

2:15:50 | The Seahawks didn’t score a rushing touchdown against the Rams, but that won’t stop Mitch from making a trip to Taco Time this Tuesday!

2:19:00 | Hotshot was recently listening to the audio of the 1991 Rose Bowl with the Huskies and somehow it turns into him taking a cheap shot at Mitch’s beloved Dolphins.

2:24:47 | Penny Hardaway has some high hopes for his Memphis Tigers squad this season – are his expectations justified?

2:28:29 | Were you put off by the exchange of jerseys by Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray postgame and do these jovial encounters rub you the wrong way?

2:33:09 | Mitch confesses that Lonzo Ball’s announcement that he is not on speaking terms with his wacky dad Lavar makes him happy.

2:37:07 | Snoop Dogg helped take Kansas basketball’s Midnight Madness event to another level and in turn validated the allegations that the program has lost its institutional control. 

2:41:51 | Mitch dedicates the show to a special family with local ties affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Episode 59 – Clowney Pick-Six Deflates Cardinals, King Felix Takes a Bow, and First Adidas Shoe Drops on Bill Self


Today’s episode begins with thoughts on Thursday’s emotional sendoff to Felix Hernandez as a Mariner and his 15-year career in Seattle. Then, the guys weigh in on the convincing victory for the Hawks on Sunday as they get set for a Thursday night showdown with the Rams. Today’s guests include Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, Mariners writer Corey Brock, and Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star. Later Mitch and Hotshot chat about UW’s win over the Trojans and the road defeat for Wazzu against the Utes. Other topics on the laundry list include Vontaze Burfict’s cheap shot, Bagel Guy bailing on his fight with Screech, and Pete Alonso’s record-setting rookie season. Finally, Mitch reveals who Episode 59 is named after which comes at a perfect time!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Corey Brock | Mariners writer for The Athletic
  • Vahe Gregorian | Kansas City Star sports columnist


8:13 | Andy Reid’s postgame speech after the Chiefs narrow victory over the Lions reveals he isn’t exactly a connoisseur of fine arts.

15:28 | The guys list some notable 59s in sports history, however the episode is ultimately named after a topical figure that donned the number early in his career.

18:38 | Does Felix Hernandez belong in the Mariners Mount Rushmore based on performance and loyalty to the franchise?

33:09 | Mitch and Hotshot discuss Sunday’s win for the Hawks as Seattle heads into a short week with the Rams up next.

53:16 | Brady Henderson breaks down the dominant victory in the desert by the Seahawks against the Cardinals.

1:16:24 | Rick Neuheisel is back for another recap of college football action over the weekend as the Dawgs cruised past USC, the Cougs fell to the Utes, and Clemson survived a scare.

1:36:22 | Corey Brock recounts the emotional finale by Felix Hernandez on Thursday and summarizes the tremendous career of The King.

1:55:14 | Kansas City Star sports writer Vahe Gregorian weighs in on the allegations against Kansas men’s basketball coach Bill Self for lack of institutional control stemming from recruiting violations.

2:08:10 | Everyone hates Thursday Night Football, but alas, our beloved Seahawks will be gearing up for another battle in a few days against the Rams.

2:09:26 | Scott’s Huskies prevailed over USC on Saturday while the Cougs defense sputtered again.

 2:11:42 | Hotshot simply cannot get over the loss against the Saints which is a sign he’s becoming a greedy Hawks fan.

2:12:51| Vontaze Burfict was ejected from Sunday’s game after a senseless helmet-to-helmet hit, the same outcome for other recent incidental collisions further complicating player safety rules.

2:14:53 | Will you watch the Superbowl halftime entertainment which has been announced as the duo of J-Lo and Shakira?

2:16:10 | It took just four weeks for both Mitch and Hotshot to be eliminated from the Unfiltered Survivor Pool!

2:17:25 | The MLB regular season has come to an end and a notable record was broken by a young Mets slugger.

2:18:43 | The Bagel Guy was set to fight Dustin Diamond, but the bout didn’t go according to plan.

Episode 58 – Hawks Slip into Loss Column, Eason Electric While Cougs Choke, & Netflix Backing Up Brinks Truck for Seinfeld


The guys attempt to pick up the pieces from an ugly loss to the Saints with some laughs. Mitch begins with a confession about a Tweet he almost sent Saturday night about Chip Kelly before the wild comeback. Then, he stages a “Social Situation Verbal Catch Phrase Protest.” After that, it’s time to take the Hawks to task for their sloppy performance. Guests include Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, and Wall Street Journal writer Joe Flint. Later, the guys chat about the Huskies and Cougs games, the latest chapter in the Antonio Brown saga, and whether or not a certain Syracuse alum should be inducted in Canton.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports analyst & former coach
  • Joe Flint | Wall Street Journal


5:01 | What do Mitch Levy and Chip Kelly have in common? 

13:45 | Mitch stages a “Social Situation Verbal Catch Phrase Protest”.

22:49 | Notable 58s in sports history are revealed as nominees for episode naming rights.

26:27 | Mitch and Hotshot react to the unexpected loss to the Brees-less Saints in Seattle.

52:57 | Brady Henderson reviews the Seahawks loss to New Orleans and the pivotal mistakes that leave Seattle 2-1 at week’s end.

1:22:13 | Rick Neuheisel recaps a thrilling weekend of college football featuring an eye-opening performance by Jacob Eason, stunning loss by the Cougs, and controversial finish in Oxford.

1:48:15 | Joe Flint of the Wall Street Journal outlines the Netflix acquisition of streaming rights to Seinfeld which comes at a massive price tag.

2:06:06 | Saturday was pleasant for Husky fans like Hotshot, but no so much for our friends that root on the Crimson and Gray.

2:19:24 | The Antonio Brown story takes another twist as it seemingly does by the hour over the course of the last month.

2:24:54 | Is there a song that’s been stuck in your head lately?

2:26:25 | A former quarterback is lobbying hard for himself to be inducted into the NFL hall of fame, do his credentials fit the bill?

Episode 57 – Seahawks Steal One in Steel City, Cougs Keep Rolling While Dawgs Bounce Back, and Tech Talk: iPhone 11 Hits the Shelves


Today’s show starts with a moment of reflection as Mitch contemplates his love of sports. Then, the guys react to Sunday’s battle between the Seahawks and Steelers in Pittsburgh to give Seattle a 2-0 start to the season. Also discussed in the first segment are top takeaways across the league from week three. Four great guests including Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, MLB analyst Steve Phillips, and Dave Smith from Business Insider on the latest iPhone launch. Later, the guys chat about the good and bad about state fairs as the world famous Puyallup version is in full swing. Other topics include the worst NFL fan bases, a career milestone for Adrian Peterson, and an unlikely suitor to become title sponsor for the Miami Heat arena.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports
  • Steve Phillips | Stadium Sports analyst & former Mets GM
  • Dave Smith | Business Insider tech writer


4:29 | After the recent string of Antonio Brown issues piling up, Mitch’s optimism about sports was restored thanks to the University of Georgia football fans.

15:17 | Episode 57 doesn’t present a stellar list of show-naming candidates, but the guys do their best to select a winner.

18:00 | Week 3 of the NFL featured a hand injury to Drew Brees, a dominant second quarter by Patrick Mahomes, and Cam Newton stinking up the joint on Thursday night.

22:18 | Mitch and Hotshot discuss the pivotal moments in Sunday’s gutsy win by the Hawks.

40:52 | Brady Henderson breaks down the Seahawks hard-fought win in Pittsburgh as Seattle returns with a 2-0 record and the Saints marching in next Sunday.

1:00:55 | Rick Neuheisel recaps week three of college football including results from the top 25 and a thought on the Cougs and Huskies thus far.

1:19:57 | Steve Phillips stops by as the MLB postseason approaches and the defending champs are out of contention while the moneyballin’ A’s keep winning.

1:37:52 | Dave Smith from Business Insider talks about the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 11 and Apple’s dominance in the smart phone market.

1:54:39 | Mitch draws a line in the sand about his phone destiny by vowing to take the plunge into iPhone ownership.

1:56:08 | With the Puyallup Fair…correction…Washington State Fair underway, Scott is curious if these types of events are Mitch’s cup of tea.

2:01:39 | Which NFL team has the nastiest fans?

2:05:00 | Adrian Petersen surpassed Jim Brown for career rushing touchdowns, but Mitch still prefers Brown eight days a week.

2:06:17 | The Miami Heat were offered $10MM for naming rights of their arena by who?!

Episode 56 – Hawks Survive Week One Tightrope Act, Shocking Night on Montlake, and Nadal Outlasts Medvedev While Serena Upset in U.S. Open Finals


Today’s show begins with a recap from Friday when Mitch was featured on Seattle radio again. Then, the guys chat about the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony which included Jack Sikma. Episode 56 is named naturally to the one and only LT. The guys delve in to the football weekend in Seattle which included a painful defeat for the Dawgs and a narrow victory for the Hawks. Guests include Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, and USA Today sports columnist Dan Wolken live from The U.S. Open in New York. Later, Mitch and Scott discuss the odd behavior of NFL wide receivers and close out with some thoughts on the opening weekend slate of games across the league.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports
  • Dan Wolken | USA Today


1:14 | Mitch talks about his visit to the BJ and Migs show last Friday on 99.9 KISW The Rock of Seattle.

3:09 | The guys chat about the 2019 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame class that was inducted over the weekend including former Sonic Jack Sikma.

16:07 | The naming of episode number 56 is a no-brainer especially to a guy that is obsessed with the pass rush.

18:51 | Hotshot and Mitch weigh in on the Huskies loss in Saturday night’s lightning-delayed contest versus California.

27:36 | Mitch & Scott react to the good, the bad, and the ugly in Seattle’s week one win over the Bengals. 

54:30 | Brady Henderson recaps the Seahawks 21-20 nail-biter against Cincy to open the 2019 season.

1:14:01 | Rick Neuheisel weighs in on the second week of the college football season including the stunning loss for the Huskies against Cal.

1:34:01 | Dan Wolken recounts the 2019 U.S. Open which featured dramatic finishes in the men’s and women’s finals over the weekend.

1:47:25 | What the heck is up with NFL wide receivers? Odell Beckham Jr. is wearing a $350K watch during a game while Antonio Brown is freezing his feet, complaining about his helmet, and hop-scotching from team to team. 

1:56:10 | The guys chat about week one storylines and standout performances across the NFL.

Episode 55 – Hawks Pull Off Clowney Heist, Eason Dazzles in Husky Debut, & Verlander's No-Hitter Less Memorable than Butt Tweet


Episode 55 kicks off with initial thoughts to the Seahawks taking over national sports headlines in their acquisition of Jadeveon Clowney. Before fully delving into football chatter, Mitch gets sappy about something he saw during the U.S. Open. Then, Mitch & Scott react to the surprising Hawks roster moves that took place this weekend. Also covered in the first segment are Jacob Eason’s stellar Husky debut and Justin Verlander’s no-hitter which reminded Mitch of something less pleasing to the eye. Guests include Texans writer for The Athletic Aaron Reiss and Hawks insider Brady Henderson to share both sides of the Jadeveon Clowney trade. Also, UW play-by-play announcer Tony Castricone drops in to discuss the Dawgs home opener vs. Eastern. Later, Mitch shares something he hates about Twitter and a few items he likes and Hotshot has trouble with matching names to the right people. Finally, the guys articulate their emotions as the news of Tyler Skaggs death recently surfaced and close out with takeaways to week one of the college football season.


  • Aaron Reiss | Texans writer for The Athletic
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks writer
  • Tony Castricone | Washington Huskies Play by Play 


0:00 | Mitch has a theory about football numbers and the type of players that should be wearing them.

3:54 | The guys share tricks of the trade to easily access Mitch Unfiltered anywhere with football season underway!

14:15 | The list of notable 55s is presented as candidates for the naming of today’s episode.

15:55 | Mitch gets sappy about something he saw in professional tennis over the weekend.

21:25 | Jadeveon Clowney is a Seahawk!

30:40 | Surprised about the Hawks linebacker crew that made the cut?

33:45 | Justin Verlander tossed his third no-hitter joining an elite company, but an infamous Tweet that surfaced years ago is Mitch’s lasting memory of the Astros ace.

38:49 | Jacob Eason captured the imagination of Husky fans with his debut performance on Saturday against Eastern Washington.

46:05 | Aaron Reiss weighs in on the Jadeveon Clowney deal from a Houston perspective and the other roster moves the Texans made.

1:03:09 | Brady Henderson checks in to discuss the final roster heading into week one and the blockbuster deal that brings Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle.

1:27:18 | Tony Castricone shares the sights and sounds from the booth at Husky Stadium on Saturday in the home opener for the Dawgs.

1:45:25 | Mitch shares his latest likes and dislikes on Twitter.

1:50:02 | Scott reveals some recent brain-farts he has had with names.  

1:52:12 | The autopsy results of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs create a mix of emotions that are difficult to articulate and make sense of.

1:57:45 | Jalen Hurts dominated in his first game as a Sooner and Mitch is sick of Clemson/Alabama.

Episode 54 – Seahawks Dress Rehearsal Report Card, Luck's Injury-Plagued Career Cut Short, Skinny Eason Gets the Nod From Petersen, & College Football Kickoff with Neuheisel


Mitch is fired up to start today’s jam-packed episode by rebutting a recent comment made by Producer Steve, calling out a trio of Unfiltered Fantasy Football squelchers, and ranting on a fantasy draft faux pas. Then, the guys chat about the announcement of Jacob Eason earning the starting quarterback role for the Huskies which has led to runner-up Jake Haener leaving the program. Mitch and Scott also react to Saturday’s preseason Seahawks game which featured extended play for starters and critical snaps leading up to the final cutdown. Guests include NBC Sports NFL writer Peter King on Andrew Luck’s unexpected retirement announcement, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel to welcome in the college football season, and former MLB pitcher turned analytics and wagering specialist Michael Schwimer of JAMBOSpicks.com. Other topics include the budding rivalry between Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s, Russell Wilson’s investment in the Sounders, and an ill-advised Tweet by the owner of Jimmy John’s.


  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL writer
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | SEC football commentator with CBS & former college coach
  • Michael Schwimer | Former MLB pitcher & founder of JAMBOSpicks.com 


0:00 | Hotshot recaps his weekend fun at Lake Sammamish to a geographically-challenged Mitch.

3:20 | The college football season started off with a bang as the Florida/Miami showdown drew ESPN’s highest rating since 2016.

14:45 | Mitch presents a rebuttal to a particular comment made by Producer Steve in Episode 53-P.

19:10 | The guys list the nominees to name the show after. Does our beloved 54 on the Seahawks ultimately earn the title at the end?

21:10 | Mitch is pissed at a few listeners and also rehashes his annual rant on proper fantasy football draft date selection.

30:20 | Coach Pete picked his Jacob that will trot onto the field to begin the 2019 campaign which led to another Jacob leaving the program.

36:41 | Where does Andrew Luck’s retirement decision rank among shocking sports stories in recent years? 

42:53 | Mitch & Scott chat about the standout performances in the third preseason Seahawks game.

51:44 | Peter King hops on to discuss the legacy of Andrew Luck in the wake of his sudden retirement over the weekend.

1:11:00 | Brady Henderson weighs in on the performance of the Hawks starters on Saturday and projections for the final roster spot allocations.

1:38:23 | Rick Neuheisel is back as the college football season is officially underway. Which teams can vie for a national title and who will emerge in the PAC-12?

2:05:00 | Former MLB pitcher Michael Schwimer shares his transition to becoming a prominent figure in sports analytics and wagering through his website JAMBOSpicks.com.

2:28:21 | Reminder to the Patrons that the third Unfiltered Fantasy Football Roundtable installment is set to be released on Wednesday morning for a look at WR/TE.

2:29:01 | The PGA Tour Championship staff clearly did not consult Steve Pool in their planning on Saturday in Atlanta.

2:30:18 | Russell Wilson’s rationale for becoming a stakeholder in the Sounders ownership group is bizarre. 

2:33:09 | Hotshot is curious about Mitch’s outlook on the Little League World Series.

2:36:43 | The founder of Jimmy John’s may regret posting a photo of himself posing with a dead elephant if he sees his hoagie sales take a nose dive.

2:40:53 | The battle between Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s is starting to heat up!

2:42:57 | There are some arguments where the right answer is so clear, it isn’t even a debate…Seinfeld vs. Friends is one of them.

2:46:26 | A decision is finally made for the naming of Episode 54.

Episode 53 – Hawks Work Through Kinks in Loss to Viks, Husky Hoops Fans Freaking Out, & NFL Coast-to-Coast Through GM Lens


Today’s show begins moments after the conclusion of the Seahawks preseason loss in Minnesota which featured Russell’s first snaps of the season and no DK Metcalf. The guys chat about the “Mitch Gets Interviewed” series over the past few shows. Also, there is a tease for a three part series in upcoming Patron episodes you won’t want to miss! Then, they run down nominees for the naming of Episode 53. Today’s guests include Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, NFL writer Michael Lombardi for The Athletic, Movie Mogul Max who makes a long-awaited return with an eight-pack of film reviews and some ribbing of Mitch in the infamous “mushroom bet”, and Yogi Roth from the PAC-12 Network. Later, the guys talk about the Twitter buzz surrounding incoming freshman Jaden McDaniels who not make the trip to Italy for exhibition play. Mitch closes out with a story which involved Jack Whitaker who passed away over the weekend.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Michael Lombardi | NFL writer for The Athletic
  • Movie Mogul Max | Expert film critic & Mitch’s son
  • Yogi Roth | PAC-12 Network reporter


0:00 | Hotshot and Mitch chat about the feedback received from the “Mitch Gets Interviewed” series.

5:00 | You’ll want to become a Patron if you haven’t signed up yet when you find out what will be featured in upcoming episodes for football season!

15:40 | The guys list candidates to name the show after and we recall a magical moment from a 53 who made the most of his short stint in Seattle.

20:13 | The guys discuss what caught their eye in the preseason matchup between the Seahawks and Vikings.

40:29 | Brady Henderson opines on the Seahawks game in Minnesota on Sunday night.

1:02:02 | Michael Lombardi tackles top NFL storylines from a GM’s perspective.

1:18:55 | Lots of catching up to do with Movie Mogul Max who breaks down the flicks he has seen this summer and gloats about winning the bet that resulted in Mitch eating a plate of mushrooms.

1:43:35 | Yogi Roth shares the sights and sounds from around the PAC-12 this summer heading into the 2019 football season.

2:01:55 | Are Husky fans on Twitter overreacting just a bit that Jaden McDaniels is not in Italy right now?

2:05:24 | Mitch is still disgusted about his the mushrooms he had to eat on his recent vacation to LA, but cleanses his palate by reminiscing his first visit to Dodger Stadium.

2:13:30 | WSU will be featured in a future HBO program similar to Hard Knocks – this will be must-see TV!

2:15:08 | Jack Whitaker passed away over the weekend which reminds Mitch of a story involving the renowned sports announcer.

2:26:33 | Grab one of the few remaining sports to the Unfiltered Fantasy Football event at Daniel’s Broiler on September 3rd!