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Episode 202 – All Aboard Destination Greenville, North Carolina & LA Soundtrack of Summer


Mitch and Scott reunite and are eager to watch Issaquah play in the Little League World Series in Greenville, South Carolina! They briefly catch up on the Danny O’Neil and Jim Moore online feud, Mitch’s upcoming Nationals game, and SeaFair weekend. The guys also chat about celebrity clickbait and an interesting article about Shohei Ohtani. Today’s featured guests are former Dodgers GM Fred Claire, Mariners writer with Prospect Insider Jason Churchill, and ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson. The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” stories ranging from Deshaun Watson’s suspension, to the wrath of Bill Belichick, to the divorce lawsuit with Kanye and Kim!


  • Fred Claire | Former Dodgers GM
  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider Mariners writer
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter


0:00 | Hotshot and Mitch might be more excited about Issaquah playing in the Little League World Series than the team!

29:30 | Are M’s fans going to be teased about potentially acquiring Shohei Ohtani for the next two years?

43:12 | GUEST: Former Dodgers general manager Fred Claire returns to the show for a remembrance of broadcast legend Vin Scully.

1:02:47 | GUEST: Jason Churchill is back with the M’s in a wildcard run and less than two months until the MLB postseason.

1:23:48 | GUEST: Brady Henderson hops aboard for a Seahawks camp update as the preseason approaches.

1:46:27 | Today’s “Other Stuff” topics include a story from Deshaun Watson’s six game ban, to a former Patriot and his fear of Coach Belichick, to Kanye West legal complications.

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Episode 201 – M's Win Castillo Sweepstakes & Issaquah Little League World Series Bound


Hotshot is gearing up for a trip to North Carolina as the Issaquah All Stars are headed to the Little League Softball World Series and Mitch might even make an appearance! Since the guys convened last, the M’s picked up a new ace, but does the Tale of the Tape indicate it was worth it? A blended interview portion including C. Trent Rosecrans to chat about Luis Castillo followed by three of our favorite guest segments from over the years. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as Mitch’s rental car story, the lack of fervor for the upcoming Seahawks season, and Charles Barkley turning down LIV golf!


  • C. Trent Rosecrans | The Athletic Reds writer
  • Dave Grosby | Former Seattle sports radio host
  • Olin Kreutz | NFL center ’98-’11
  • Ginny Burton | Tacoma-native & UW class of 2021


0:00 | Scott’s prediction about Issaquah softball came true as the Little League All Stars are going to the World Series!

20:06 | The Mega Millions craze has come to an end as one lucky winner in Illinois picked the right numbers. 

23:10 | Mitch breaks down the Tale of the Tape for Luis Castillo and players the Mariners traded to the Reds.

49:10 | GUEST: C. Trent Rosecrans checks in to provide a scouting report of the Mariners latest acquisition Luis Castillo from Cincinnati.

1:01:29 | GUEST: Dave Grosby joined Mitch and Scott to tell some stories from their years in Seattle sports media as “The Groz” entered retirement.

1:53:45 | GUEST: Hawaiian football legend Olin Kreutz jumped aboard to chat about his memorable football career and challenges he faced along the way.

2:24:35 | GUEST: Perhaps the most memorable interview in Mitch Unfiltered history, Ginny Burton shares her story of overcoming years of drugs and violence to earning her degree from UW.

2:54:45 | The episode closes up with “Other Stuff” stories such Mitch’s gold Jaguar rental car, the lost enthusiasm for Seahawks camp, and Barkley declining a LIV Golf media deal.

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Episode 200 – M's Cole Young Draft Profile & From Battlefield to Fairways


To kick off Episode 200, Danny O’Neil explains the rivalry between Oregon and Washington before the guys recall the unfortunate story of Ken Hamlin. Then, the guys dig into Danny’s online feud with Jim Moore, Julio’s wrist injury, and the Juan Soto sweepstakes. Four featured guests include Coach Andrew Heck, MLB draft expert Jim Callis, Army veteran Randy Shack, & film director Michael Tollin. Topics in today’s “Other Stuff” segment include a cricket gambling conspiracy, Tom Brady’s kind gesture to Kelsey Plum, and Charles Barkley taking the LIV money.


  • Andrew Heck | North Allegheny HS baseball coach
  • Jim Callis | MLB Pipeline senior writer
  • Randy Shack | U.S. Army veteran 
  • Michael Tollin | The Captain producer


0:00 | Danny O’Neil fills in for Hotshot who is in San Bernardino watching the Issaquah Little League All Stars.

7:56 | A random former Seahawk with a cautionary tale came to mind when Mitch was swimming laps.

29:00 | Danny explains the ongoing online beef he has with former co-worker Jim Moore.

41:27 | M’s fans are holding their breath about Julio’s wrist and the potential to acquire Juan Soto.

56:25 | GUEST: Coach Andrew Heck provides a scouting report of M’s first round selection Cole Young & Jim Callis follows up with a breakdown of the full 2022 Mariners draft class.

1:21:09 | GUEST: Andy Shack shares his inspiring story to becoming an Adaptive Open golfer after suffering injuries overseas in the U.S. Army.

1:42:32 | GUEST: Film producer Michael Tollin joins the show to discuss the origin story of The Captain and some interesting observations about Derek Jeter.

2:08:38 | The show wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment with topics ranging from a cricket gambling scheme, Tom Brady’s care package to Kelsey Plum, and LIV Golf picking up Charles Barkley.

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Episode 199 – Husky Athletics Question Marks & "Hiding In Plain Sight" Director's Cut


At the top of the show, Hotshot provides an update on the state champ Issaquah softball team before heading off to San Bernardino. Then, Mitch unveils his Stump the Band question of the day which dovetails into a funny Al Martin Story before jumping into the listener mailbag. Then, Mr. Playoffs explains the MLB postseason format and the guys discuss potential roster moves for the M’s. A four-pack of featured guests are Husky insider Christian Caple, filmmakers Chris & Erik Ewers, and long-distance runner Michael Wardian. The show closes with the “Other Stuff” segment which includes McDonalds observations, Zach Wilson’s romantic rumors, and John Daly’s eccentric attire at The Open Championship!


  • Christian Caple | The Athletic UW reporter
  • Chris & Erik Ewers | Hiding In Plain Sight directors
  • Michael Wardian | Ultra-marathoner


0:00 | Issaquah softball is state champs and Hotshot is headed to San Bernardino just in time for Episode 200.

7:19 | Today’s Stump the Band question is about the M’s which reminds Mitch of the infamous Al Martin story about USC.

33:35 | Mr. Playoffs explains how the MLB postseason works now with three wildcard slots and Mitch & Scott talk about the M’s roster heading into the trade deadline.

53:05 | GUEST: Christian Caple talks about the uncertain future for UW athletics with conference realignment and the QB battle heading into the 2022 season.

1:16:46 | GUEST: Film directors Chris and Erik Ewers chat about the new Ken Burns documentary Hiding In Plain Sight which discusses the rise of youth mental health issues.

1:44:29 | GUEST: Runner Michael Wardian swings by to share his story of running across the entire country and the highlights along the way.

2:08:38 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics ranging from Mitch’s McDonalds observations, to Zach Wilson hot gossip, to John Daly’s Hooters pants!

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Episode 198 – No Nay Never & Griner Arrest Escalates


Today’s show begins with a long-awaited playing of Wild Rover to celebrate the M’s winning streak before the guys share their takeaways from the interviews during Episode 197 and play Stump the Band. Then, Mitch describes a story from the weekend that is still weighing on his mind. A trio of guests are Steve Phillips, Vanderbilt professor Thomas Schwartz, and golf writer John Hawkins. The episode wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment to chat about Jody Allen’s announcement about the family estate, Hotshot’s greatest strip club story, and some notable RIPs from last week. 


  • Steve Phillips | Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst 
  • Thomas Schwartz | Professor of History and Political Science at Vanderbilt University 
  • John Hawkins | Morning Read golf writer


0:00 | It’s high time that we begin the show with some “No Nay Never” as the Mariners continue to win!

7:11 | The interviews in Episode 197 ran the gamut and the guys reflect on the three guest segments.

16:46 | Today’s edition of Stump the Band features two questions by Mitch and one from Hotshot.

30:34 | Mitch observed a child being left inside a vehicle over the weekend and was unsure of how to handle the situation. 

45:56 | GUEST: Steve Phillips is back to share his general manager perspective on how the M’s front office should approach a long-term deal with Julio Rodriguez. 

1:02:32 | GUEST: Professor of History and Political Science at Vanderbilt University joins the show to discuss the current situation and possible outcomes for Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia. 

1:37:18 | GUEST: John Hawkins is back to preview The Open Championship at St. Andrews for the 150th edition of the tournament. 

2:12:57 | Today’s “Other Stuff” stories include news on the sale of Hawks & Blazers, an unforgettable strip club memory of Scott’s, and some recent celebrity passings.

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Episode 197 – Neuheisel Assesses PAC12 Future & Bremerton's Coach Kennedy Wins Supreme Court Case


At the top of the show, the guys weigh in on fireworks before the traditional round of Stump the Band. Following the tease, Mitch gives a nod to an honest young man named Patrick before digging into an interesting question posed by Slickhawk about Julio Rodriguez. The three featured guests are Rick Neuheisel, former Bremerton football coach Joe Kennedy, & Rhonda Smith-Banchero a.k.a. “Paolo’s Mom”. The “Other Stuff” segment includes stories such as Drew Lock catching flak on Twitter, GrubHub making a rescue, and a man’s final sip of rum!


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Joe Kennedy | Former Bremerton HS football coach
  • Rhonda Smith-Banchero | UW basketball alum & Mom of Paolo Banchero


2:05 | Hotshot studied hard for the opening Stump the Band question about Julio Rodriguez.

23:57 | Mitch gives a shout-out to Patrick who returned a lost wallet to the Levy household.

34:15 | The guys address a question inspired by Slick about how the M’s front office should address Julio Rodriguez’s emerging stardom.

54:37 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel checks in to discuss the shakeup to the PAC12 with USC and UCLA parting ways for the Big Ten.

1:12:49 | GUEST: Joe Kennedy joins the show to break down the recent Supreme Court case involving his prayer on the football field.

1:43:07 | GUEST: Rhonda Smith-Banchero checks chat about raising her son Paolo leading up to his number one selection in the 2022 NBA Draft.

2:12:57 | “Other Stuff” topics range from subtle pot shots at Drew Lock, a miracle courtesy of GrubHub, and a daughter’s final gift for her father!

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Episode 196 – LIV Golfers Turn Backs on 9/11 Survivors & World Cup Seattle Bound


At the top of the show, Mitch tests Hotshot with an MLB trivia Stump the Band question before sharing a few thoughts on the pay gap in women’s professional basketball. Then, the guys chat about a unique O’Dea fact before weighing in on the fighting M’s and some shady encounters Mitch faced from car salesmen. Today’s featured guests are Terry Strada from 9/11 Families United, longtime radio pal Matt “Stretch” Johnson, & NBA Draft expert Sam Ferris. Topics on the “Other Stuff” segment range from the continued Baker Mayfield potential path to the Hawks to Arch Manning’s college selection to two fast food mishaps! 


  • Terry Strada | 9/11 Families United
  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders broadcaster  
  • Sam Ferris | Locked on NBA Draft podcast 


1:32 | Before starting the show, Mitch quizzes Scott with a Stump the Band question about a statistical MLB anomaly. 

7:20 | Is there a viable way to increasing the salary of WNBA players?

30:52 | Do you enjoy seeing the Mariners scrapping and clawing despite the big hole they’ve dug themselves in?

33:22 | Mitch found himself in two situations during the past week that proved the bad reputation of car salesmen.

47:56 | GUEST: Terry Strada from 9/11 Families United describes the shameful decision of PGA golfers opting for the LIV league.  

1:11:15 | GUEST: Matt “Stretch” Johnson is ecstatic that the 2026 World Cup is headed to Seattle as he prepares for his 2022 trip to Qatar.

1:35:49 | GUEST: Sam Ferris recaps the NBA Draft results including the lottery picks and the class as a whole. 

1:50:20 | “Other Stuff” stories include the prospects of Baker Mayfield heading to Seattle to Sark reeling in a Manning to a pair of odd fast-food run-ins.

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Episode 195 – Tacoma Rainiers Skipper Tim Federowicz & Brady Henderson Seahawks Offseason Report Card


To kick things off, the guys recap their weekend with Hotshot all over the place at youth sports games and Mitch at T-Mobile Park watching Mike Trout clobber the M’s. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about Father’s Day festivities, the Mariners dwindling hopes, and Sue Bird’s retirement announcement. A three-pack of guests are Tacoma Rainiers manager Tim Federowicz, ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, & former PGA golfer Ken Green. Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features topics including Charles Barkley shoving Mitch, Dejounte Murray’s gift for his Dad, & Jake Heaps career change as Russell’s personal QB coach! 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Ken Green | Former PGA Tour golfer  
  • Tim Federowicz | Tacoma Rainiers manager 


2:58 | Today’s opening Stump the Band questions with the topic of Mike Trout. 

18:09 | The guys cover a ton of ground in segment one including Father’s Day, the Mariners, Russell Wilson’s comments that piss off the 12s, and Sue Bird’s retirement.

48:05 | GUEST: Tacoma Rainiers skipper Tim Federowicz jumps aboard to discuss Jarred Kelenic’s and Matt Brash’s current assignments.  

1:01:09 | GUEST: Brady Henderson swings by for a Seahawks update following OTAs as the team prepares for training camp.

1:31:46 | GUEST: Former PGA Tour winner Ken Green returns to share his thoughts on the 2022 U.S. Open and the LIV Golf controversy. 

1:48:57 | The “Other Stuff” segment features a mix of topics such as “the Charles Barkley line”, Dejounte Murray’s special Father’s Day gift, & the big opportunity for Jake Heaps!

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Episode 194 – Rick Reilly 19th Hole & Top Gun True Story


At the top of the show, Mitch quizzes Scott with a Stump the Band question about women’s hoops before opening the listener mailbag. Then, Mitch chats about his spontaneous M’s game on Saturday night with the family before discussing the controversial LIV League in corrupt Saudi Arabia. A trio of guests are longtime golf writer Rick Reilly, Mariners insider Jason Churchill, & former Navy pilot Doug Lito. The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from the Broncos sale to Walmart heir, the Space Needle suing a local coffee company, and a lawsuit against GEICO you won’t believe! 


  • Rick Reilly | So Help Me Golf author  
  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider Mariners writer 
  • Doug Lito | Former Navy pilot & current film actor 


1:41 | As usual, Mitch tests Hotshot with a Stump the Band question: this week’s topic is women’s basketball records. 

23:40 | Mitch decided to take the family to T-Mobile Park on a whim Saturday night and has tons of observations to share.

37:05 | The guys discuss how top PGA golfers are joining the LIV League in Saudi Arabia which has widespread human rights violations. 

47:14 | GUEST: Golf writer Rick Reilly joins the show to reflect on golf memories and weigh in on Phil Mickelson’s turmoil in recent years. 

1:18:40 | GUEST: Jason Churchill hops back on the show to react to the Sox series and look ahead to the remainder of the 2022 season including rising prospects. 

1:40:13 | GUEST: Doug Lito shares his story from a teenager seeing Top Gun to a Navy pilot and actor in the Top Gun: Maverick

1:57:28 | Today’s “Other Stuff” stories include the Denver Broncos ownership change, the Space Needle bullying a local coffee company, and a crazy lawsuit against GEICO. 

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Episode 193 – Tracy Taylor-Turner Reunion & Mules NFL Offseason Report


After a week break, Mitch and Hotshot reunite by beginning with two Stump the Band questions before jumping into the Unfiltered mailbag. Then, they chat about a fight among MLB players about fantasy sports, the hot-and-cold Mariners, Seahawks ownership options, and NFL quarterbacks looking for teams. Three featured guests are Tracy Taylor-Turner, Randy Mueller, & Mark Radetic also known as “Michelob Ultra Guy”. The episode closes out with the “Other Stuff” segment with stories such people ignoring police officers, a coincidental hole-in-one story, and a free couch full of money.


  • Tracy Taylor-Turner | Former KJR & KIRO traffic reporter
  • Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000)
  • Mark Radetic | “Michelob Ultra Guy”


0:00 | The show starts with a pre-tease to honor the innocent lives lost in the recent tragedy in Texas.

4:43 | Mitch hits Hotshot with two Stump the Band questions with the topics of tennis and film.

26:46 | Lots of little stories popped up the past few weeks including a fight among MLB players over fantasy sports, Seahawks ownership rumors, and NFL quarterback news.

49:04 | GUEST: Longtime Seattle traffic reporter & current Tracy Taylor-Turner jumps aboard with Mitch and Scott to share some memories from her career at KJR and KIRO.

1:27:13 | GUEST: Mules returns for an offseason football chat to discuss the Russell trade, the Deshaun Watson situation, and rising receiver salaries.

1:48:17 | GUEST: Mark Radetic joins the show to chat about the viral Tiger photo from the PGA Championship that earned him the nickname “Michelob Ultra Guy”.

2:01:37 | “Other Stuff” topics include neglected traffic stops, a golf story that is hard to believe, and a nomination for Good Samaritan of the Week.